About ROOT

We all have things we feel strongly about, and sometimes that’s as far as it goes and sometimes that passion plants a seed which we are able to share, grow and express.

ROOT started as an idea between 4 friends, living in the heart of Zululand, and all passionate about Africa, wildlife and conservation. Increasingly worried about the challenges to nature, not only in our corner of paradise, but also world wide, we wanted a way we could communicate, inspire and educate in support of conservation, wildlife and wild places. ROOT stands for Running Out Of Time, and expresses the sense of urgency we feel for this cause. Epitomized by the plight of the rhino, a familiar friend in the reserves of Zululand, we wanted to showcase the familiar and iconic animals of Africa, to draw attention to their conservation, and to celebrate their unique beauty and value.

UNDER THE MARULA TREE is the first ROOT initiative. It draws from our personal skills and enthusiasms with a portfolio of beautiful photographic images highlighted by fascinating facts and critical conservation issues, and accompanied by a CD with 16 original African inspired instrumental tracks. Using the music we have tried to conjure up not just the musical essence of each individual animal, but also a sense of the integration and community of the African bush. Each track is infused with iconic sounds of the bush, the birdsong, the rustling grass, the running water, the thunder of hooves and the animal calls. Together they portray so much more. Africa in 4 dimensions. Something to enjoy and savor, something to remember and treasure. For those for whom the bushveld is familiar it will resonate, and for those experiencing it for the first time it will be a cherished momento, something to share and remember. Africa in your pocket.

ROOT is inspired by people who spend time and energy documenting, celebrating and supporting efforts to save our wildlife and wild places, often against all odds. Do you know anyone like that? Share your inspirational experiences and people with us at ROOT. We would love to meet and follow like minded people across all genres, in music, film, photography, art, conservation and activism. We would like to invite you to join the ROOT community, and be active in conservation where ever you are, and in whatever way, big or small. Be aware and make a difference.

We, the ROOT team, pledge to support conservation by donating a percentage of profit on our sales to projects which support active conservation goals, with infrastructure, tools, media and education. Helping you to help them.


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